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ZEN Entertainment Network™ (ZEN) is a global lifestyle venture headquartered in Las Vegas with offices in Boston, Palo Alto, Simferopol, Ukraine, and Bangalore, India. ZEN's product is a 24/7 Tournament Cloud that is a 100% U.S. legal free-to-play proprietary platform. The ZEN Tournament Cloud provides each player with a diverse selection of tournaments to enjoy, many of which are sponsored by celebrities, national brands and manufacturers, movie studios, and other marketers seeking to present their products to ZEN's highly engaged casual game audience.

ZEN Entertainment Network exists to deliver players a thrilling tournament experience online, mobile, and via live events. ZEN operates the ZEN Tournament Cloud that allows all players from novices to professionals to have a personalized selection of tournaments from the always-on ZEN network schedule. ZEN and its strategic partner, ( are among the leading worldwide creators of lifestyle games for players 18+, and of all interests.

"People like to engage in online entertainment for thrilling experiences and to win prizes. At Action Gaming, we want to expand opportunities for lifestyle players worldwide and allow new players to learn new games easily. The ZEN Tournament Cloud provides players with a personal tournament experience that engages and creates connections to live experiences in casinos"

Mike Fields, Executive Vice President
Las Vegas, USA


  • Average user session per player - 67 minutes
  • Average sessions per month - 9 sessions
  • Monthly minutes per player - 10+ hours per month
  • Monthly ad impressions per player - 2400
  • Monthly video ads per player - 100
  • Monthly player offer acceptance - 36%


The ZEN Tournament Network is universally recognized by players and industry leaders as the network that redefines online poker and video poker play. ZEN currently offers $100,000 in guaranteed prize pools each month, and always for free!

There's something for everyone at ZEN. Our 24/7 schedule offers single and multi-table poker & video poker tournaments and single-player games so as to games to suit every player's interest. There are live event qualifiers, online celebrity bounty tournaments, one-time special events, all for a myriad of highly sought after prizes. There are also ongoing and special monthly promotions, plus much more! Players can play for 20 minutes or all evening, all day every day.

Running an average of 100,000 poker sessions every day, ZEN's established and highly successful tournament network offers significant advantages for any web property seeking to make an immediate entry and long-term impact in the rapidly expanding online games market.

ZEN Entertainment Original Tournaments

ZEN's National League of Poker is the original company-owned property and offers a simple, user friendly interface for players to play, chat, learn and win. It is at the core of the ZEN Entertainment Network. As the network expands, this legacy brand will remain a staple in ZEN's portfolio of sites.

Motor Sports Poker represents ZEN's addition of company-owned lifestyle properties that will be marketed across content-compatible digital properties. Motor Sports Poker will be marketed to 6 million viewers on 57 Source Interlink Media properties (Motor Trend magazine group) all targeted to auto, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Poker Para Ti represents ZEN's initiative to enter the lucrative Hispanic market. The site, while catering to this significant market, will feature the same highly desirable tournaments and product offerings, and will expand ZEN's advertising and sponsorship reach to include a Spanish speaking player base.

Sponsored Tournaments

Leading lifestyle brands have chosen to join the ZEN Network. The content-rich, highly customizable ZEN Tournament Cloud seamlessly integrates into any web property allowing partners to retain their branded interface while leveraging the benefits of a single massive prize pool and shared player liquidity.

Partners reap the benefits of significantly extended and more frequent average user sessions, a wide array of promotional opportunities within the game-play experience, and added monetization opportunities for their digital properties. ZEN also captures and retains valuable demographic, psychographic and deep behavioral analytic data, which it uses to create hyper-targeted streaming video and banner messaging.